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Real Estate In Gainesville. A Market Snapshot From Bosshardt Realty Services

Current Property Counts for: Gainesville
Condominium/Townhouse 79 (- 0.93%) ↓
Commercial Lease 202 (- 0.56%) ↓
Commercial 107 (+ 0.40%) ↑
Multi-Family 15 (- 0.36%) ↓
Residential 412 (+ 0.25%) ↑
Rental 102 (+ 0.85%) ↑
Vacant Land 254 (- 0.18%) ↓

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Average Prices for: Gainesville
Condominium/Townhouse $137,230 (+ 0.47%) ↑
Vacant Land $347,996 (+ 0.04%) ↑
Commercial Lease $5,430 (- 0.01%) ↓
Commercial $1,068,626 (- 0.53%) ↓
Multi-Family $649,509 (- 0.63%) ↓
Rental $1,188 (- 0.70%) ↓
Residential $392,140 (+ 0.29%) ↑

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About realestateingainesville

Nick is one of the few agents Certified in Short Sales and Foreclosures. He specializes in buying, listing and selling of one of your most prized possessions, your HOME! He began his Real Estate career in 2006 and has been in marketing for over 20 years. His work ethic is evident in his enthusiasm and dedication to his customers. He is a tough negotiator, always looking out for his customers best interests, is sensitive to their needs and strives to achieve their goals. He is a 30 year Resident of Gainesville and brings the values of hard work, determination and the will to succeed on behalf of his customers. With that in mind you have Nick's personal commitment to make the buying or selling of your next home or property a successful and pleasurable experience. Let his team of specialists make the home buying/selling process go smoothly. • As a listing agent, Nick's aggressive marketing gets results! Nick consults with his sellers to profile their next buyer, and then works out a thorough strategy & marketing plan that is designed to reach targeted buyers and agents! Nick uses a compilation of media, strong internet advertising, point of sale, direct marketing and a monthly analysis to produce incredible results. When an offer comes in, Nick's knowledge of the contract makes him a strong negotiator. Nick additionally assists sellers with home staging, appraisal consulting, home and competing-market feedback. Once the home is in escrow, Nick keeps the sales process on track to create a smooth and successful closing!!! • Buyer's Agent & House Hunter Specialist: As a buyer, one couldn’t be in better hands! Nick consults with buyers early in the process to get an understanding of what his buyers are really looking for in a home. He knows how to listen and ask the important questions to find out which homes and neighborhoods will be the perfect match! His buyers are educated on the purchase contract and given a full understanding of the home-purchasing process. Nick's strong knowledge of the Gainesville area allows him to match clients with their perfect dream home. Once a home is located, Nick again consults with his buyer's to prepare a strong offer. Nick has a winning tract record for seller's acceptance of his customer’s offers, even in multiple-offer situations. When you’re ready to buy- for #1 Service: Call Nick! • Corporate & Personal Relocation: Nick has assisted with relocating employees and executives into, and out of Gainesville Florida. Whether he is working with new transplants in purchasing or leasing homes, or listing homes for transferees, Nick keeps Gainesville moving! If your relocation is of a personal nature "to or from...", Nick has a strong network-alliance of strong, qualified agents to handle listings or sales regarding moves across town, out of the city (or state). Nick is able to assist customers in purchasing homes, or investment properties, outside of the United States in other countries. Where ever you need to go"... Nick will get you there safe and sure! • An Agent "Ahead of the Curve": With new challenges and improvements in technology, Nick strives to stay ahead of the learning curve! Nick uses the "Power of the Net" in his marketing & advertising of listings, buyer's searches, and also in providing his clients information online & via email. This allows transactions to be handled from anywhere, whether the customer is on vacation in a remote area, or at work. Technology is playing a more important role in today's transactions & marketing than ever before, w/ Internet based programs that help customer transactions perform better!
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